• Just installed to Auto Socket or cigarette lighter socket
  • Simple!!!! …. The installation, you can do it yourself
  • Effective immediately after MaxPower Revolution installed at your car

Other benefits such as:-

  • Fuel savings from 15% to 50%
  • Protect car electronic systems
  • Stabilize voltage
  • Headlight getting brighter
  • Audio system more clear
  • Adding more pick-up and acceleration power
  • Air conditioners more cool
  • Gear conversian more soft
  • Increased engine power
  • Easy to start the car engine in the morning
  • Reduce engine pressure(increase endurance engine mounting)
  • Exhaust output clean
  • Increase Baterry, Plug & Alternator endurance
MaxPower Revolution (MP-R) designed for 12V vehicles such as Cars, SUV, MPV, 4WD and so on, it can also be used for heavy vehicles such as lorry, buses or trucks as a power enhancer.
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